Our goal is to inspire others to transcend their trials and build an extraordinary life. In our opinion, practicing law is about serving the members of our community through their struggles – in and out of the courtroom. We provide guidance and representation that helps our clients overcome their difficulties and move forward in their life to find greater peace and happiness.

We hire people who share in our values:

* Build community * Find joy in the journey * Harness grit to achieve superior results * Selflessly serve others * Have courage and be kind *

We are a community – a collection of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Every individual on our team has a voice in the decisions that affect them. We constantly seek growth and improvement. We embrace change, because with the intentions we’ve set, all change brings is success. We celebrate each other’s success and understand that someone else’s success doesn’t diminish our ability to achieve and succeed.

We have sought out and incorporated some of the best technology in the industry to improve the client experience and our employees’ satisfaction. We have built systems, processes, workflows, and automations to remove more of the mundane and keep the focus on the value-adding activities that bring excellent service to our clients. We strive to provide an environment in and out of the office that is fulfilling and maximizes your work-lifestyle balance. We strive to provide an environment of excellence and success, which means we want to be able to be home for dinner with our families.

Our work environment includes:

* Modern office setting (with new locations being added soon!) * Daily huddles * Growth opportunities * On-the-job training * Regular social events * Endless inspiration *

Our team has the following objectives for all employees:

  • Pay our people well so they feel valued for their contribution to the team (OTE for the attorney role is $110,000 – $200,000).
  • Support each other’s goals with kindness and eliminate gossip.
  • Find joy in the journey and the experiences we share.
  • Bring more in value to our clients than we receive in payment.
  • Provide coaching and mentorship to all of our people so no one’s growth is stunted.

If you believe in yourself and stand for justice, we want to talk with you. To learn more about our competitive advantages and Vivid Vision, please send an email to our COO ( with subject line “VIVID VISION.” The body of your email should contain a brief description about how your life experience will allow you to integrate into our culture and find success in serving clients in our community.

Right now, we are hoping to onboard 1-2 attorneys who have at least 3 years of experience practicing family law in the State of Utah. However, our trajectory requires rapid growth. So, even if you do not meet these strict criteria, we may still be interested in meeting with you! We look forward to considering your application.

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