Mediation Lawyers in South Jordan

Working to Simplify the Divorce Process and Help You Move On With Life

No one likes the idea of going through a divorce. Unfortunately, the process is often far more stressful and complex than most people anticipate. There are many important decisions that must be made — ranging from property division and alimony to child support and custody. Rather than fighting these issues out in court, many couples choose to utilize other forms of conflict resolution. If you’re hoping to avoid costly and emotionally draining litigation, a mediation lawyer in South Jordan may be able to help.

At RCG Law Group, you’ll work with a family law attorney who is experienced in alternative dispute resolution. Even if you and your former partner have significant disagreements, reaching an amicable resolution is often possible. In fact, most divorces start out as contested — but even in these instances, a South Jordan divorce mediation attorney may be able to help you reach an amicable solution. In many cases, making the effort may even be required.

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What Is Divorce Mediation?

When you work with a divorce mediation lawyer in South Jordan, it’s an attempt to avoid the hardest parts of a divorce case. Rather than arguing their side in court and letting a judge make decisions for them, parties who opt for mediation sit down with a neutral third party to make important decisions. The mediator is there to guide and encourage discussion. Some of the biggest hurdles in a divorce occur because people simply don’t want to communicate. By choosing to mediate rather than litigate, you can make things easier for yourself, your former partner, and any children involved.

During a mediation session, you and your former partner will sit down with the mediator. This third party will lay out the ground rules and typically allow both parties to make an opening statement. The mediator may conduct individual and joint sessions, and they’ll identify major issues while offering creative and fair solutions. If there are issues that the parties decide to settle on, the mediator can add them to an agreement that can be signed and presented to the courts. It’s not necessary to iron out all potential issues — and resolving even a few disputes can significantly simplify a divorce.

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Why Is Mediation Important in Utah

Having mediation as an option is important for any divorce. Parents can resolve issues without creating difficulties for their children, and it’s possible for a person to work with their former spouse to avoid complications. However, mediation is more important in Utah than in many other states. That’s because some people are required to undergo mediation before their divorce is finalized. There are some exceptions to the rule, but not everyone will qualify.

Utah law dictates that at least one mediation session must be attended in divorces where an answer is filed. Marriages typically end when one party serves their former partner with divorce papers. The other party then has the opportunity to file an answer in court — which often means there are disagreements that must be decided. In this situation, the parties must mutually pay for at least one session to see if they can resolve any issues.

A divorce mediation attorney in South Jordan can review your case and help you understand if you qualify for an exception. If you don’t, the legal professionals at RCG Law Group can guide you through the process and hopefully help you reach a solution that benefits everyone involved.

What Family Law Issues Are Involved in Mediation?

When you initially consult with a trained mediator, they’ll explain the process to you and what issues you can resolve. Fortunately, there’s very little that can’t be handled via mediation rather than litigation. And remember, you can have your own legal counsel review an agreement before signing it. That’s why you should consider discussing all the following matters with a third-party advocate who will help you take a more collaborative approach to divorce:

  • Property division
  • Spousal support (i.e., alimony)
  • Child custody
  • Parenting time (i.e., visitation)
  • Child support
  • Parenting plans
  • Retirement and pension account division
  • Insurance issues
  • Debt division
  • Tax implications
  • Post-divorce communication

Many people believe they can reach decisions on these matters on their own. This is particularly the case when two parties have agreed to have a fully amicable divorce. While this is certainly admirable, it’s important to realize that two parties will rarely be in agreement on every issue. Additionally, a judge will need to review any agreement you reach — and if they decide that it’s unfair or doesn’t meet Utah requirements, they can throw out your decisions.

In such an instance, a judge will still make important decisions on your behalf. Avoid this by contacting a divorce mediation lawyer in South Jordan today.

Contact a Mediation Lawyer in South Jordan, Utah

From child custody to property division, divorce involves a lot of complex issues. It’s understandable for those involved in these cases to desire legal advice. However, such advice doesn’t always need to be focused on litigation and “winning” over the other party. Divorces can be far less expensive and stressful when the parties involved work together — even if it’s just on a few issues. The mediation process can greatly simplify the difficulties you’re facing, and with a trained mediator on the case, you may be able to return to a semblance of normalcy very soon.

At RCG Law Group, you’ll work with a neutral third party who will help you negotiate important issues. More importantly, you’ll be working with a legal professional who is highly experienced in divorce cases in Utah. It might seem impossible to reach an agreement now, but a skilled attorney can help you and your former partner better understand the law and what’s expected of you. With a little focus on communication and collaboration, you can likely avoid the worst parts of divorce. Contact us at (385) 503-3663 today or click here to book a consultation. We’re here to help.