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Divorce is a difficult time for anyone who goes through it. Even when spouses are in agreement that it’s time for their marriage to end, emotions will typically run high as proceedings unfold. And even when a divorce is uncontested, strict requirements must be met before finalization. Unfortunately, things become even more difficult when the parties involved can’t reach amicable solutions. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, a divorce attorney in South Jordan may be able to help.

At RCG Law Group, our team of family law professionals is committed to our clients. We work hard to secure favorable outcomes. Whether you’ve agreed to a collaborative divorce or every single issue is contested, our attorneys will advocate on your behalf. The simple fact is that no two situations are exactly alike, so when you decide to file for divorce, it’s important to have legal counsel to guide you through the complex matters ahead.

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How Complicated Are Utah Divorce Proceedings?

Utah has historically been considered a conservative state — particularly when it comes to marriage and divorce. However, things have changed in recent years. As the process has become more accepted by society, the opportunity for a simplified divorce has greatly increased. Unfortunately, simplified does not always mean simple. For instance, did you know that Utah is a no-fault divorce state — but courts can still consider fault when deciding issues of spousal support (i.e., alimony)?

Additionally, marital property in Utah isn’t divided equally. That’s because we live in an equitable division state. This means that a divorce settlement will often be based on issues of equity, and this means one spouse may receive more than the other. Because of this and other issues, divorce in Utah is often a complicated matter. This is why it’s best for parties to negotiate to reach an amicable resolution. Unfortunately, this will not always be possible.

Whether you want a simple divorce where you’ve already made decisions with your former partner — or if you’re going through a contested divorce with claims of adultery, domestic abuse, and other issues — seeking legal advice is in your best interest. Contact the South Jordan divorce attorneys at RCG Law Group today to discuss your case. We’ll help you understand your options.

What Issues Are Involved in Divorce?

When people hire a divorce lawyer, they often do so because they’re concerned that their situation is more difficult than others. Perhaps they’re unsure if marriages between LGBTQ individuals have the same rules in Utah, or maybe fathers are looking for a divorce lawyer for men that specializes in a father’s rights. In reality, most divorces — while unique — are relatively similar. That’s because they typically involve the same four primary issues:

Spousal Support

When a marriage ends, it’s possible that one spouse may have to pay alimony. Historically, people expected these payments to go from the husband to the wife — but times have certainly changed. Spousal support is meant to ensure both parties can remain financially secure following a divorce. This means either former partner could be required to make payments. These support payments are also possible when a couple is legally separated.

Child Custody

Child custody is often one of the most stressful aspects of any divorce. Most mothers and fathers only want what is best for their child, but in many cases, their judgment of what “best interests” actually means can differ drastically. Whether you’re going through a custody dispute, seeking a child custody modification, or simply want to ensure your parenting agreement will be approved by the courts, a divorce lawyer in South Jordan can prove invaluable.

Child Support

Child support is another common issue in divorce. The state of Utah expects both parents to financially support their children. Mothers will often seek out a divorce lawyer for women — one that specializes in helping mothers fight for support — but the reality is that any dedicated attorney can help parents understand their rights and how child support issues may be resolved. At RCG Law Group, we can help you through these difficulties and many others.

Division of Property

Alimony and matters involving children will not be involved in every divorce. However, there’s typically always issues of property division that must be resolved. Utah is an equitable distribution state, and this means that marital property is not necessarily divided equally. It’s important to have a South Jordan divorce attorney on your side who can help the courts understand why you’re rightfully entitled to certain assets.

Do You Need an Attorney for an Uncontested Divorce?

Some marriages end in the most complicated of manners. Perhaps one spouse faced abandonment and needs help filing with zero involvement from their former partner, or maybe two people realized they made a mistake and want to qualify for a quick annulment. However, there are some instances where a divorce doesn’t have to be complicated. The courts prefer when former partners and parents can reach amicable solutions on their own, and preference is often given to these agreements.

However, this doesn’t mean that divorce is going to be simple. For instance, all child custody and support cases are decided based on the best interests of the children involved. Additionally, a judge can refuse to issue an alimony order if they feel it’s unfairly balanced. There are also a variety of legal requirements that must be met — ranging from proper divorce service to filing requirements. The reality of the situation is that hiring a South Jordan divorce lawyer is often beneficial even when spouses work together amicably.

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Divorce and legal separation are difficult topics to discuss, and they’re even more difficult to live through. Even a mutual consent divorce — with zero desire for disputes or litigation — can prove challenging due to divorce requirements in our state. And when certain issues are involved — such as marriages to a non-U.S. citizen or a high-asset divorce — the process can become far more complex. Regardless of how simple or complicated your situation may seem, seeking legal advice for your divorce case is critical.

At RCG Law Group, you’ll work with an experienced divorce and family lawyer who is dedicated to securing favorable resolutions on your behalf. Whether you want guidance through mediation or need a legal professional who will fight for you in court, we’re prepared to review your case and help you understand your options. The fact is that you can benefit from a divorce attorney in South Jordan even if your marriage doesn’t involve complicating factors. Contact us at (385) 503-3663 or click here to book a consultation. We’re here to help.