Divorce Mediation: A Better Way to Divorce

Divorce Mediation: A Better Way to Divorce

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Divorce can be an incredibly stressful and difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be a battle. Divorce mediation is a way for couples to end their marriage amicably and with dignity. The State of Utah requires mediation in all contested Divorce cases. But beyond that, mediation has proven to be a successful route to resolving cases. Nearly 85% of cases settle in mediation.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process in which a neutral third party, known as a mediator, helps divorcing couples negotiate a settlement agreement. The mediator’s role is to facilitate communication between the spouses, identify areas of agreement and disagreement, and assist the couple in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution. Mediation is a voluntary process, and both parties must be willing to participate. The mediator does not act as a Judge or decision-maker, and the power is in the parties’ hands to resolve the issues.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Cost-effective: Divorce mediation is often less expensive than litigation because it can be completed more quickly and without the need for a lengthy court battle. Representation in mediation is advisable, however, as the mediator cannot provide legal advice. Competent legal counsel for both parties during mediation can help in reaching a fair and equitable settlement.

Less stressful: Mediation is a less adversarial process than litigation, which can be emotionally draining for both parties. Mediation promotes respectful and productive communication, reducing the likelihood of confrontations in the future.

More control: Mediation allows the couple to retain more control over the outcome of their divorce. The couple can tailor their agreement to meet their specific needs, rather than having a judge impose a solution.

Better for children: Divorce mediation is often less damaging to children than litigation. Children are less likely to be caught in the middle of a legal battle when their parents are able to work together to create a parenting plan. Parents are more likely to follow a parenting plan they create as opposed to one imposed upon them.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

When divorce mediation is scheduled, the goal is to reach a full agreement in the first session of mediation. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, they can schedule additional sessions, or proceed to court.

Divorce mediations are typically done in separate rooms, especially when each party has an attorney. The mediator will go back and forth between the rooms, help the couple identify the issues to be addressed, gather information to brainstorm options and solutions, and then facilitate discussions and negotiations. If the parties are able to reach an agreement, they will typically sign the settlement agreement that day, thus resolving all the issues in their divorce.

Contact Rcg Law Group For Divorce Mediation Services In South Jordan

Divorce mediation can be an effective way for couples to finalize their divorce without the need for a lengthy and contentious court battle. Hiring an attorney to attend mediation with you will also provide the added insight, legal advice, and counsel to ensure your divorce agreement is legally binding, protects your rights and obligations, and meets your goals.

RCG Law Group attorneys can represent you in divorce mediation. Contact us online or give us a call at 385-503-3663 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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