Jeff Rifleman


Mr. Rifleman received his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree (J.D.) from St. Mary’s University School of Law of San Antonio, Texas. While in Texas, Mr. Rifleman clerked for the law firm of ‘Elms, Harmon and Macchia’, where he performed legal research in the areas of business law, construction law, commercial paper, and probate law. Mr. Rifleman completed his undergraduate work by earning his Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in Consumer and Community Studies from the University of Utah. Additionally, Mr. Rifleman received training and certificates in Mediation and is qualified as a court appointed mediator in Texas courts, trained in peer-school mediation, family dispute/divorce mediation, domestic violence, and has volunteered time with Utah Dispute Resolution mediating domestic and small claims cases in Utah courts. He is an approved Master Mediator and Domestic Mediator Mentor. (Mediation offered for English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking parties.) He also represents clients in International Hague Child Abduction cases assigned by the United States Department of State. Mr. Rifleman was previously the Chief Legal and Compliance Officer at Dynamic Blending Specialists and is now practicing as an attorney with RCG Law Group.