Richard Sanders


Richard has been an enthusiastic lawyer and advocate for families since 2015. He went to law school with the specific intention of learning everything he could about the family law system, especially about the safety and custody of children, and parental rights. He graduated from the University of Utah with a B.Sc. in Economics in 2011 and then from the J. Reuben Clark Law School in 2014. Never one to shy away from a fight, he took on a felony defense case at once upon passing the bar, without help, and succeeded. Impressing the associate district attorney so much that he volunteered to be Richard’s official mentor in the New Lawyer Mentorship Program required by the Utah State Bar.

Richard has a broad range of experience: for about two years, he was the Principal Investigator for the Utah Labor Commission into matters of unlawful retaliation and whistleblower investigations; he has experience as a plaintiff’s attorney, taking on the biggest law firms in the state successfully, on behalf of accident victims, often children. He has practiced before all levels of the Utah court system and has been successful too in contested litigation in the federal US District of Utah.

He is most passionate, though, about matters related to people, especially the wellbeing of families and the safety of the most vulnerable, such as children, battered spouses, and the elderly. He believes in effective and efficient advocacy, is willing to fight, but also knows how to choose battles wisely, collaborating closely with every client, and to fight them professionally and ethically. He believes in the maxim “Si vis pacem, para bellum” (if you want peace, prepare for war) and has been a more effective negotiator for his clients by ensuring they are prepared at every step for the possibility of trial, ensuring maximum advantage, for his clients and their goals. His passion for people and ethical, effective, high-standard practice of law has led him to RCG Law Group, where is proud and grateful to put his trial, advocacy, and legal skills to best use on behalf of family law clients, where he believes the most important and personal issues are concerned. And where people’s lives can be most impacted (for better or worse) by the quality of their representation. Professionalism, negotiation, ethics, candor, and a capable preparedness all factor into any strategy for every client.

Besides his role as an attorney and advocate, Richard is a huge dog person, having a golden retriever (Bentley) and a cocker spaniel (July). He is an avid swimmer and skier, history and travelling enthusiast, amateur adventurer, and loves few things more than riding his motorcycle on the winding, canyon roads. Richard is also the author of The Phoenix Conspiracy series novels (seven best-selling novels and audiobooks in the U.K.) along with other novels, which you can find more information about at