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Every person and every family is different. That means every family law case is also different. But too often, people who look for a family lawyer are subjected to one-size-fits-all solutions. RCG Law Group is different. We believe it’s important to take the time to really know each client we work with, and to understand all the dynamics that make their case unique. 

With over 13 years of experience in family law, Attorney Ryan Gregerson has the knowledge base to understand what questions to ask, how to craft a solution, and how to give leadership to people who need to work their way through a legal thicket. 

Our South Jordan family law firm can be reached by calling (801) 396-9656 or by clicking the button below to book a consultation. Also serving clients in West Jordan and Sandy. 

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Family Law Practice Areas

We serve clients in family law areas that include the following…


Adoption ends with a child getting a new home and family being enriched. That happy ending takes a lot of legal legwork to get through. RCG Law Group handles both domestic and international adoptions. We work on vital issues like ensuring that the biological parents have truly severed their legal claim to the child. In the international sphere, we can direct prospective parents to reputable agencies and guide them through the extensive legal issues that await. 

Child Custody

What happens to the children after a divorce? The settlement must address the matter of physical custody—where the kids will live and what the terms of visitation will be. That includes dealing with sensitive questions like which parent gets the children for different holidays. There’s also the matter of legal custody. The settlement must define decision-making authority on matters that include healthcare, education, religion, and more. Utah law says the best interests of the kids are the only factor that will drive child custody decisions. Divorcing parents may have very different ideas about what those best interests are. RCG Law Group is here to fight for our client’s point of view and work toward a solution. 


When spouses divorce, their property must be divided. This includes bank accounts, stock portfolios, real estate, furniture…well, everything and anything that the couple owns. Utah law requires that this property be distributed equitably, but equitable is not the same as equal. There is a certain level of discretion involved in what constitutes equity and fairness. It’s imperative that spouses have a South Jordan family law firm that will strongly articulate their understanding of equity and then fight for that in negotiations—and, if necessary, in court. Going through a divorce is hard. The quality of the settlement will go a long way towards shaping what the future looks like. 


The terms of a divorce settlement were based on conditions and circumstances that existed at the time the marriage ended, or could have been reasonably foreseen. But we all know that life changes. Sometimes those changes come quickly, and we certainly know that they all can’t be foreseen. Everything from the loss of a job to remarriage to the need to relocate can come up. Some of these changes can directly impact the settlement agreement, others can inspire a person to ask for reasonable modifications to the settlement. There is a legal process in place for this, and RCG Law Group can help. 


There are situations where an adult becomes incapacitated, either mentally, physically, or both. This results in someone else needing to take care of important affairs on their behalf. This affairs—which can range from paying bills to managing investments to making medical decisions—require legal authority. Guardianships are the legal mechanism by which authority over someone’s affairs is granted by the courts. Whether it’s a person getting on in years and seeing their health fail, a child with special needs turning 18, or any other circumstance of incapacitation, we’ll work with clients to secure the guardianship they need .

Client Reviews

  • "He was sincere and I believe really cared personally about me, my kid's best interest and my case."
  • "He & his team are always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I may have."
  • "He made sure that all of my fears and concerns were always addressed."
    Former Client
  • "He takes my concerns and helps me handle issues I could not handle on my own."
  • "I think anyone would be hard pressed to find an attorney that cares as much as Ryan about their clients."
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