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When spouses go through a divorce, there are often serious financial issues to work out. Every piece of property—from complex stock portfolios to the sofa in the living room—has to be divided. Working out the details of property division can be challenging at any time, and especially when a spouse may be going through some personal pain. What they need is a South Jordan divorce attorney who combines the knowledge of how to negotiate a settlement, with the compassion necessary to lead their client through this difficult journey and get started on a better future. 

Attorney Ryan Gregerson has been practicing family law for over 13 years, giving people the compassionate and seasoned counsel they need in difficult times. 

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Marital Property vs. Separate Property in Utah

The first step in property division is to determine what is marital property—that is, belonging to the marriage—and what is separate property, which belongs exclusively to one spouse. 

There is a simple way of determining this. If the property was owned by one spouse prior to the marriage, it is their separate property. If it was acquired after the wedding date, then it is marital property. 

Through this simple explanation, we can also note what is not a factor in deciding what property is marital and what is separate. It does not matter which spouse may have used the property in question or enjoyed it more. It does not matter if one spouse was supportive of the acquisition while the other was not. What matters is simply when the property was acquired. 

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How Equitable Division Works

The property deemed separate goes back to the spouse who originally owned it. Marital property is then subject to equitable distribution. The state of Utah requires that marital property be distributed equitably. But it’s important to notice that equitable and equal are not the same thing. Equal suggests a 50/50 split. Equitable simply means that the division be fair. They might be 50/50. Or it might not. It depends on the circumstances. Whether something is equitable is in the eyes of the beholder. If a divorce case goes to court, that beholder will be a Utah family law judge.

Reaching an equitable solution means that a spouse must have their point of view on what’s important clearly articulated and aggressively negotiated for. They depend on their South Jordan divorce lawyer to give them vigorous representation and that’s what we provide at RCG Law Group. 

Leadership When You Need It Most

Spouses that come to our office for help in a divorce case didn’t expect to be in this situation. The personal struggles that accompany the divorce process are real. Attorney Ryan Gregerson knows that the best way he can help a client is by giving them the reassurance that comes from knowing a smart, competent, and compassionate lawyer is working hard on every detail of their case. Our clients find that reassurance at RCG Law Group. 

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